Until Next Year, “Farewell, Knorr’s!” (and a few bonus commentaries)

De-Christmasing is nearly complete, as we finally bid farewell to that laxative known as Knorr’s spinach vegetable dip,which was causing some serious problems in the refrigerator and stirring some bad memories. While it is a holiday favorite, we all have a full understanding why it appears only annually around here. I lovingly wrapped the remains in double aluminum foil Tuesday and buried the whole thing in the backyard.


All you parents who spoil your children, put your hands up! Now, put them down and pay attention: it’s time for your kids to cough it up. The “Give a Day, Get a Disney Day” program is officially underway. Your entire family can volunteer with a qualifying agency and project in your area, and you each earn a one-day admission to a Disney park. Check it out here.

It’s high time that kids understand that “getting” (an $80+/- admission ticket) requires some “giving.” We’ve booked our activity; now go book yours. (Before you can click on FAQs or start your penny-pinching scheming, yes, only one ticket voucher per person.)


That cool photo up there? That’s the 1957 Auburn University football team, which won the National Championship. As a loyal fan and proud AU graduate, I thought it might be nice to see a photo of a team other than the Crimson Tide, which is busily preparing for (oh my gosh, I am so sick of hearing about it) the BCS Championship. An interesting fact about the above photo — a fact that is far more interesting than the University of Alabama playing in another national championship — is that one of these team members (Morris Savage — don’t know his jersey number) and his wife once hosted a couples’ bridal shower for their son and his fiancée more than 19 years ago. The happy couple was to be married the Saturday after my very own wedding. Two hours before the shower was to begin, the Savages’ a/c died. (It was early September in central Alabama.) I have a photo of me and my own fiancé (now husband) wearing our semi-formal finery and sweating like Nixon while sitting on the Savages’ sofa. The gracious hostess never missed a beat, and we never saw her sweat. The Savages gave us a five-piece place setting to our formal china.

OK, so maybe that wasn’t such an interesting story. But it was sort of a tie-in to the National Championship. I’m a devoted Auburn fan — this is all I have.


One of my favorite people in the world phoned Monday night. When I answered “hello?,” he was singing “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?” Hours earlier, he had lost his job. But not his sense of humor.