No-Show Snow Day

Well, well, well . . . it’s the last day of the longest short week I’ve ever experienced! And Friday, I’m not sure why, but I am surprisingly glad to see you!

Maybe in the future, the deity that is Nick Saban can use that shiny new crystal ball to predict weather patterns and save school boards from burdening us with The Most Boring Snow Day Ever. The kind of Snow Day that had no snow. The kind of Snow Day that fell only hours after the second semester began. The kind of Snow Day that makes you understand the necessity of crisis hot lines and Midol PM.

Cabin fever had taken its toll on Maxine. Her last words before disappearing in the snow while wearing her new swimsuit were, "Yes, children, by all means, play the Wii until your eyes bleed."

But I digress.

Let’s take a few minutes to announce some new happenings, shall we?

Among the new features on this blog is a regular GIVE-AWAY, which blog fans tend to adore as they virtually pull hair and push and shove other readers aside to win a free set of stationery, bath set or lamp. I will be partnering with a reputable company, which will award all sorts of valuable prizes through my blog. It pays to read, then, don’t you think? The give-aways will begin in the next few weeks. I may not give a heads-up before each give-away, so you’ll just have to check in frequently.

And that leads to the issue of “comments.” I am not a fan, and I have yet to leave the “comments” option open for more than 30 seconds before I realize that I forgot to turn it off. But when the give-aways are in session? The “comments” button will certainly be on.

In other blog news, this new blog address is now listed on, and plans are underway to be featured on other sites. Look for these announcements on the blog and on my new-and-improved website.

And about that bane of my existence, my official website has undergone a much-needed overhaul, thanks to my friend, Denise, who pointed out that the template I had carelessly assigned months ago featured a photo of a strange yet attractive woman standing against a brick wall with her arms crossed. Denise had not seen me in a year or two and thought I had major plastic surgery and had bought a new blouse, and she was wowed by my new look. I visited the site to see that she was right – this woman was attractive, and a site visitor would understandably think that I walk around in stylish blouses in search of brick walls to lean against. Too bad she wasn’t me. “It might be time,” I thought, “to clean up that basement of a website and get things in order.” And I did just that. Check it out at (The site is scheduled to go live at some point today . . . I hope.)

I will update the website monthly with teasers of published projects and a forecast of projects in the works. Like a virtual business card, the site serves as a promotional tool for the magazines where my byline is published and a way to showcase a little of what I do each month. Shameless self-promotion, as they say. I remain unapologetic. Hey, a self-employed girl has to do what a self-employed girl has to do.

Have a delightful weekend . . .