Droll Takes a Holiday

During the Persian Gulf War, we would come home from work and eat dinner in front of the TV while we “watched the war.” OK, I was really watching Arthur Kent, but I feigned interest in SCUD missiles, Drones and Apaches.

And now, the earthquake in Haiti. It’s like a magnet. A different magnet than the first televised war, certainly, but a magnet nonetheless. After two hours of watching the devastation and heartbreak this morning, I had to turn it off and make myself useful.

So I went and found this cartoon, downloaded and posted it.

credit: cartoonstock.com

Downloading a snarky cartoon and sharing it made me feel better.

But it also made me feel a little guilty and ashamed about whining that the news is so sad when, after all, the news isn’t about me or my whiny friends, but about an impoverished and oppressed country practically destroyed by natural disaster, forcing little kids to sleep on pieces of cardboard on the street only steps away from . . . you get the picture.

So I downloaded another cartoon.

credit: cartoonstock.com

And this one made me feel a little better.

Until I started thinking about priorities and goals and circumstances, how rotten things are for so many people but relatively OK for the rest of us, that the bottom file drawer should read “why not me?,” and maybe we–every last one of us–should hop aboard a plane and go help feed and shelter and comfort people this very day, and why am I listening to Dave Matthews? Turn that thing off. It’s bringing me down.

Meh–droll just isn’t happening for me today. It’s here somewhere, and I’m sure it will show up. It always does.

There is surely a future hope for you,and your hope will not be cut off. Proverbs 23:18