The Writing on the Wall

Hormones, stress, childbirth (no matter how long ago) and a host of other conditions can cause a person’s hair to shed. Especially while in the shower.

Years ago, tired of hearing about the “small animals” being pulled out of the drain, I resolved to smack my stray hairs on the shower wall in order to keep the peace. Like puffy clouds in the sky, the hairs occasionally form shapes without any assistance whatsoever, providing the opportunity to daydream and analyze. While showering. Multitasking, you could say. This morning, for example, I scored a platypus, a squid and a capital “A.”

But none of those even come close to this, sent to me by my sister:

The e-mail reads: “I’m attaching a picture of a hair on our shower wall…if you look closely, you will see that it resembles Homer Simpson, or Bender from Futurama.”

Sure, she may hold a Ph.D., but you tell me who seems smarter right now–the one who knows all the Matt Groening characters and takes pictures of her hair on the shower wall? Or me?