A Spring Break Photo Contest

Today marks the launch of the Spring Break 2010 Photo Contest, and this is the first call for submissions.

The rules are simple. Take a few pictures. Send them by mail or e-mail to friends. Wait for their responses.

To inspire you, I’d like to offer a couple of examples. My friend, Tracy, is in New Orleans, evidently stalking Ryan Reynolds, who is filming The Green Lantern in the Crescent City. She snaps photos and e-mails them, taunting her friends who are not in New Orleans with her. She uses colorful and descriptive adjectives with each submission. These adjectives all apply to Ryan Reynolds. You can figure those out on your own.

The e-mail message that preceded this attachment went like this: "I know this isn't a great picture, but..." She is really selling herself short, don't you think? The always-giving Ryan Reynolds donated his time to this PSA, whose working title is "Do You Have Glaucoma?" If you don't see the blinding white light to the left, then you probably have glaucoma.

And this:

What's going on here? A photo of a camera screen? The faceless apparition to the right is Tracy's 10-year-old daughter. I think. If you look closely, you will see that Ryan Reynolds looks a little like a hostage. His eyes may even be darting. In the upper left corner is the sign of doom--that the camera battery may not make it through this photo shoot. Let's hope Tracy is packing some spare Duracells in her Levi's.

Not to be outdone, I offer up a few of my own images:

At Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland, Ga., home of Cabbage Patch dolls, my husband made a new friend. If you put on your special 3-D glasses, you will see that this is an adult Cabbage Patch doll. It only made sense that I took this picture. (My husband is the one standing.)

And this:

The wall of fame at Babyland General is a who's who of music, film and stage. And Jean-Claude van Damme.

And another:

When not in command of the fighter pilots of the Black Sheep squadron, TV tough guy Robert Conrad apparently frequented Babyland General Hospital. It's hard to be a tough guy at Babyland. Or so I was told -- many, many times. That was right before my husband burped like a Marine on Babyland's front porch. Like Pappy Boyington might.

And this:

I think this is a photo of the Tallulah Gorge in north Georgia. I'm not sure. I felt dizzy most of this trip, winding around and around the mountain roads. The Great Wallenda crossed the 1,200-foot-deep gorge in 1970. Good for him. I was glad to make it back to the parking lot.

Oh, wait, I just found this one:

If you like this particular shot, you'll be glad to know that I am going to mass-produce it into large posters and have a thoughtful quote printed at the bottom. Or in the clouds. I haven't decided yet. Nearly ruining the moment, however, was when my husband stepped in something at this scenic overlook and said, "Hey! What sort of person lets their dog out of the car at a scenic overlook and lets it do this?" To which I responded, "I don't know. What sort of person walks right into it?"

And the final entry in today’s photo contest:

Put your special 3-D glasses back on. This is at the Dillard House in Dillard, Ga. We ate the ham. And you should, too. The episode of The Best Food I Ever Ate, featuring this particular ham, will air again on The Food Network this Friday night. Check your local listings. Mmm. Ham.