We’re Kicking Some More Brass

You’re kind enough to visit here, and I don’t want to waste your time with decorating updates, but the notes of encouragement and bewilderment lead me to believe that some of you would like to read the latest updates from the Kick Some Brass Campaign. And frankly, I’m tired of the pointing and the stares. But before I share the latest, I would like to thank you for the e-mails and personal communications — even those who laughed as they tried to express genuine concern. (And you know who you are, every last one of you.)

The good news is, I’m sleeping better at night. You’re about to understand why. A recap . . . this Hugh Hefner fan once dangled over our bed, rendering us frightened and sleep deprived:

We really don't need any more of your comments or observations. After 10 years, we are well aware just how ugly this really is. So is half the neighborhood, thanks to the Exchange Club truck driver who picked it up Wednesday morning and announced to anyone who would listen, "This is one ugly fan." (My windows were open; I heard him.)

It has been replaced by this:

It's a little Amish, don't you think? Dark brown with black accents, it has a utilitarian look to it. But heavens above, it isn't blinding. So, an improvement, yes?

If you’re keeping up (and how could you not, really), you will notice that the deep red on the ceiling remains. Please don’t let this taint your opinion of us. The ceiling fan took seven hours to replace; painting the ceiling will consume a long weekend and may involve divorce papers.

Besides, our house wasn’t built in a day. It just looks that way.

We’re doing our best to pull this thing together — one piece of brass at a time.