I’ll Show You Funny

My maternal aunt wanted to know who those women are on the banner above. I told her they are members of a tug-of-war team in some state like Wisconsin. Then she wanted to know why I used a picture of total strangers. I told her that I thought it was funny.

And then she upped the ante and said something like, “I’ll show you funny.”

And she did. Among those that she e-mailed was this photo of her grandfather — my great-grandfather.

This is my great-grandfather Clark, who was the inspiration for the character Jasper Badun, one of Cruella De Vil's henchmen in 101 Dalmatians. These are two of the missing puppies allegedly held captive in Cruella's evil den. This picture was snapped on the afternoon prior to the Twilight Bark, in which dogs across the county led the 99 stolen puppies to safety and warmth and into the dog arms of a grateful Pongo and Perdita.