Home Exercise — With a Twist

In response to yesterday’s post, a concerned reader sent me this:

Something inside me just melts to think that you are publicly acknowledging you are of the housewife age that does home workouts, kind of like when I saw my mom using this piece of equipment.

Dear Concerned Reader:

I appreciate your . . . concern? pity? anxiety? Whatever it is, know that I don’t exercise while wearing nylons and a wool-blend shift. Nor does my prep time involve a rinse and set. But you may be delighted to know that I, too, was privy to the Twister Board as a child. My mother kept it hidden under her bed. I pulled it out quite frequently to sit on it and watch TV while spinning around at top speed. It was the poor girl’s version of Playskool’s Sit ‘n’ Spin.

Thank you for writing. And worrying.