Playing Hooky

I am not condoning full-on truancy. That’s bad.

This is a simple case of hooky. Parent-approved hooky. And there’s not a thing wrong with it. I kidnapped two of my own children from school and took them to the museum for the afternoon. We climbed out of our box and didn’t look back for several hours.

My hostages, ages 9 and 11, not looking back.

The one on the left? She is the one who can be such a rule follower, such a Jiminy Cricket, that you want to knock the bluebird off her shoulder, and say, “Hey, lighten up, would you? You’re bringing us down.” Jiminy had to ask Pinocchio things like, “How do you ever expect to be a real boy? Look at yourself. Smoking! Playing pool!” In the case of this particular child, Jiminy wouldn’t have to be concerned about smoking and playing pool because this child would be too busy counting and recounting the cigarettes and lining up the pool cues according to height.

Within an hour, however, she began to loosen up. An hour after that, she even stopped looking at her watch and seemed to believe that taking a break from life wasn’t illegal.

Print this out and color it while you’re supposed to be doing something else. Go ahead — live a little.