A new year, a new blog…

…but not really. This is not a new blog. It is a very old blog. A very old blog that has been sorely neglected.

In light of New Year’s resolutions and the hope and promise of a new semester, it makes (some) sense to practice what I preach and make writing a regular habit. And by “regular,” I mean “more often than every 2 1/2 years.” True, I may physically write something almost every day, but that comes with the territory of teaching college English. Blogging, on the other hand, is another animal — in this case, a malnourished and nearly lifeless animal that may be better off running around a farm somewhere.

The beauty and downside of blogging is no pay, no assignments, no deadlines, no expectations. Sounds like a few relatives we have known and loved. Still, it seems a shame to let this thing just lie around, gasping for air. So I have blown the dust off the blog and given some thought to its purpose and content, and here is what I have come up with. This is not an academic blog. This is not a teacher’s blog. This is not a mom blog. So everybody just calm down.

But what IS it, Amy? Oh, I have no idea. It will be whatever it will be on any given day. I make no promises, I make no plans.grab bag

This will be like one of those paper grab bags that drugstore managers would staple shut, discount to a rock-bottom price, and sell to customers as a “mystery” or “surprise.” My hope is that you don’t open it, read along, and feel completely ripped off, holding a figurative bag of Lisa Frank memo pads and a cheap kaleidoscope.

But I make no promises.