I live in the suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama with one husband, two of our four kids, a dog, and a cat. Actually, these living arrangements tend to change, as the older kids live here only when necessary, like when we need them to house sit. While the government no longer requires us to feed and shelter them, we haven’t changed the locks. Yet.

After about 16 years of feasting and famining (yes, I made up a word here) in freelance writing, I sensed the recession and looming middle age were pushing me toward something else. Ultimately, I found myself at a crossroads, trying to answer that question you might hear on a life insurance commercial: What sort of job would you want if money didn’t matter? So now I teach college English.

This blog had lain dormant and neglected and sad for several years, but in my tireless efforts to push students toward no-fear writing, I thought it only right to practice what I preach. And that preaching involves writing regularly or maybe irregularly, whether for an audience or otherwise, and not being afraid to put pen to paper or fingers on a keyboard. (You would want your chemistry professor to practice blowing things up, right?)

E-mail: cates(dot)amy@gmail(dot)com.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Amy, hi! I was cleaning up my digital bookmarks (deleting) and ran across your blog! I did not delete it – of course. Sorry to hear that bad trout tried to delete you. Stories like that are why I do not trust nor eat fish. My mother used to tell tales of little blond haired girls who choked on fishbones – so we should all chew our fish carefully. It just taught me not to eat fish.
    You must get back to blogging – do you realize it has been eons since you last held your fans spellbound with tales of trout and Uncle Remus? I understand that grad school and four children are time consuming, but really…priorities, girl!
    I have been back to Becoming an Outdoor Woman several times since we bunked together – it’s still a wonderful retreat. Take care, write, and sniff your fish carefully next time!
    Debby J.

  2. Hey. Blast from past. Was packing some stuff for next move and ran across some “stuff” from the past…and, thought I would look u up.

  3. I think I love you!!!! Finally, someone speaks the sarcastic language as I do!!!! I agree with you 110% – the little snots that rule the halls of middle school. I have twin girls who just started middle school. The older twin by 22minutes has a VB lunch bag, she’s been wanted for, since 4th grade. I didn’t bite. I did bite, the summer before middle school. Now, the younger could careless – she could care a trash bag to lunch, it better have her fav lunch inside!
    But ahh – the middle school snots, think they rule the lunch time during their middle school glory years. Are the ones who end up pregnant by the end of their first year of high school. (Yes I do realize this is a terrible thing to say about our inspiring future leaders of this country). The truth will set you free, right!

  4. Erika:
    I came across this comment you left on my blog about nine months ago. Why? Because I have not even visited this old blog in about two years (or longer). But I am in the process of resuscitating it (this week, in fact) and found all sorts of things in the attic — including your comment. So, my apologies; I wasn’t snubbing you or anyone else. I didn’t know folks were still reading this! Happy belated new year! -Amy

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